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Case Study

Parts Supply

Taking advantage of our local and global network and importing expertise accumulated over the decades Le Mans Co can provide you with not only automotive parts but also a vast range of goods from industrial to aerospace standards from manufacturers, warehouse dealers or wholesale suppliers.

If you have issues with procuring goods please feel free to contact Le Mans Co. We are here to meet your requirements such as:
- Looking for a part whose name and/or part number is unknown
- Saving on your transportation costs

Our customers’ orders are delivered to us through consolidated service or flight chartered by Le Mans.
- Importing hazardous goods
- Importing goods requiring complicated clearance procedures

Parts Supply

Part Manufacturing

Part Manufacturing
  • Excelling in make-to-order products with our machining facilities
  • Close and long-standing network with skillful technicians and parts manufacturers specialising in low-volume production allows
  • Continuous innovation of state-of-the-art technology and facilities
  • Metal working (steel, aluminum, titan etc.)
  • Surface finishing including coating, plating and anodized treatment
  • Manufacturing all CFRP and GFRP composite products
  • Design and layout
  • Data creation with 3D CAD system
  • Parts manufacturing with most advanced laser beam lithography and Selective Laser Sintering printer


Here are some case studies of the projects we participated in through our worldwide network and technological means in our long history.


  • Manufacture of prototype cars. Machining of monocoques.
  • Design and manufacture of aerodynamic parts for driving test cars
  • Low-volume production of experimental electric cars
  • Delivery of data loggers, electronic devices that collect and accumulate vehicle information, and the related wiring looms and sensors
  • Study of design of optional aerodynamic parts offered by dealership to cars to be marketed
  • Manufacture of chassis of cars to be exhibited at motor shows
  • Development and manufacture of vehicle height adjustment devices for cars to be exhibited at motor shows

Racing Car

  • Design, development, and manufacture of Group C cars
  • Import and sales of F3000 cars
  • Import and sales of F3 cars
  • Manufacture of component parts for Group A cars, and import of parts of the cars
  • Manufacture and import of parts for cars participating in WRC
  • Manufacture and delivery of experimental parts for cars participating in F1
  • Import of experimental facility parts required for participation in F1
  • Undertaking of import of Formula Nippon cars
  • Manufacture and delivery of bodywork component parts of cars for Super GT championship GT500 class
  • Plan, design, manufacture, and delivery of Super GT championship GT300 class cars Undertaking of import of Super Formula cars

Racing Motorcycle

  • Manufacture and delivery of engines and bodywork parts for MotoGP motorcycles
  • Import and sales of brake-related parts for MotGP
  • Manufacture and delivery of component parts of cars participating in Rally raid入
  • Import and delivery of parts related to WSB cars


  • Design and manufacture of the CL-1 as a design study model
  • Restoration of cars exhibited at museums
  • Delivery of OEM body kits and performance parts
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