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Brembo Racing

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BremboSpeaking of Brembo, you may remember the red and gold brake calipers most likely installed on the wheels of the high-performance sports cars such as Ferrari and Nissan GT-R.
Brembo is the world’s most famous brake manufacturers based in Italy. Founded in 1961, Brembo started manufacturing the brake discs in 1964, and began to supply them to the motorsport field in the1970’s. With the adoption of the discs for the Ferrari F1 cars in 1975, Brembo became recognized as the world’s top brake manufacturer. Currently, many racing cars and motorcycles equipped with Brembo brake system have been racking up victories.
As a racing brake parts distributor for Brembo, Le Mans Co.,Ltd. responds to various requests from the building of the latest brake systems to the restoration of the brake systems for old racing cars.


Brake Disk|ブレーキディスク

Brake Pad|ブレーキパッド

Brake Fluid|ブレーキフルード

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