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Dallara Automobili is an Italian chassis manufacturer. The company was founded by Gian Paolo Dallara who has been involved in the design of formula cars for F1 and F2 since the late 1960s after working for famous supercar manufacturers — Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini.
Immediately after the launch of the first Dallara F3 car in 1980, the car came to the fore and won the Italian F3 championship title in the debut year. Then, the Dallara cars took the European F3 world by storm in Europe such as Italy, France, and the UK. Japanese Formula 3 Championship started to gradually adopt the Dallara cars in the late 80’s, and has virtually become Dallara one-make series since 2007. Currently, most of the chassis adopted by every category of formula races across the world are made by Dallara.

Le Mans Co.,Ltd. became the distributor in Japan for Dallara Automobili in January 1998, and we currently supply the chassis and parts to all Japanese Formula F3 teams. In addition, the Dallara SF14 has been adopted by the Japanese Championship Super Formula since 2014 and we have been entrusted with supply of the chassis and parts.

Obviously, Le Mans Co.,Ltd. handles older models and parts, too.

F3 Chassis|F3車両

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Super Formula lights Chassis|スーパーフォーミュラライト車両

Super Formula Chassis|スーパーフォーミュラ車両


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