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Founded in 1970 as a design and testing facility for "flexible composite" materials, Aero Tec Laboratories is the U.S. leading producer of special fuel cells.

Fuel tanks for usual passenger cars are made of metal or plastic, but fuel tanks for racing cars are balloon-like bags made of special resin or rubber, and are designed to deform when the car is deformed in case of a crash, in order to prevent gasoline leaks leading to a fire. Fuel tanks for racing cars and aircraft are produced using the principle that the shape changes to fit the surrounding environment, like a plastic bag containing water.

With the world’s largest market share in motorsport, ATL’s fuel tanks are now also used in the aviation such as aircraft and spacecraft, and in the defense sector for defense vehicle and conveying drinking water to soldiers.
In addition, ATL’s fuel tanks are rated as flexible, lightweight, and safe by the marine sector, and are used in small tankers and powerboats for conveying and holding various liquids.

Racing Fuel Cell|レース用燃料タンク



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