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The dampers are the pride of Multimatic Structures & Suspension. Dynamic Suspension, the former name for Multimatic Suspension, has established a strong position as “winning suspensions” in the world’s top categories such as F1 and WRC. Even after the change of the corporate name, Multimatic Suspension still maintains high name recognition. The Grand-Am series in North America, the German DTM series, and the GT500 class in Japanese Super GT Championship have adopted the dampers as standard equipment.
In addition to the development and manufacture of the dampers, Multimatic conducts tests and evaluations of the damping performance using damper testers and 4 post rigs, and does the design and evaluation of suspension sub-assemblies including suspension members. Multimatic is an industry leader in the engineering and production of suspension systems, and Dodge, Porsche, and Aston Martin rely on the expertise of Multimatic.

DSSV dumper|DSSVダンパー

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