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Product infomation|製品詳細


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You may not be familiar with Krontec, but Krontec is a German comprehensive parts manufacturer focused on fittings and hoses. Krontec has provided great reliability since its establishment, and gained considerable credibility with the greatest race, World Superbike Championship (WSB) where commercially-available motorcycles race.

With the strong abilities to develop products and manufacture high-accurate parts, Krontec is still expanding the product lineup, and many of the products such as hoses, air jacks, and steering bosses are used in DTM, the greatest touring car race based in Germany, and the one-make racing car “911 GT3 CUP” of Porsche 911. In particular, the air jacks and refueling couplers with unique structures have been adopted for racing cars around the world due to the lightness and rapid response, and the world’s top racing teams have demonstrated the high competitiveness. The Krontec products feature the smooth behaviors resulting from the high accuracy of machining, the lightness, and the great flexibility, as well as the superior durability and pressure resistance.


Reusable Type Hoseends|組み立て式ホースエンド

Swage Type hoseends|かしめ式ホースエンド





Air Jacks|エアジャッキ関連部品

Dry Brake Couplers|ドライブレイクカップリング製品

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