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About Us

Company Profile

Company Name Le Mans Co.,Ltd.
Date founded April 1967
Capital 15million JPY
Managing Director Shiro Matsunaga
Number of employees 16
Business Activities
  • Import and export of parts for automobiles and motorcycles
  • Design, development, manufacture, and sales of parts for automobiles and motorcycles including engine parts
  • Import and sales of special vehicles such as racing and rally cars
  • Design, engineering, development, and manufacture of racing cars according to customer needs
  • Design and manufacture of prototype cars for research and development, including concept cars
  • Restoration of historic race cars
  • Machining work
  • Sheet metal welding
  • Rapid prototyping and reverse-engineering
  • Design, engineering, manufacturing, and sales of FRP/CFRP parts


Company History

1967 Le Mans Shoukai Co., Ltd. is established at the present location with capital of 4 million.
1969 Team LeMans debuts.
1970 Capital is increased to 9 million.
1971 New Head Office building is completed.
1972 Capital is increased to 15 million.
1979 Team LeMans wins the All Japan F2 Championship, Japan's premier formula car race.
1982 Launches sales of motorcycles and related parts.
  • Corporate name is changed to Le Mans Co., Ltd.
  • Begins operations at Gotenba Workshop.
  • Imports and sells the chassis for F2, F3, and Group C as a distributor for British manufactures March Engineering and Ralt Engineering Ltd., to contribute to invigorate the motorsport activity in Japan.
  • Team LeMans wins both the All Japan F2 Championship and Fuji Grand Championship Series.
  • Begins operations at Gotenba Second Workshop.
  • Team LeMans wins Fuji Grand Championship Series in its first year as a nationwide series.
  • Becomes a distributor for a British manufacturer Reynard Motorsport to start selling the chassis for F-3000 that is the highest category of domestic formula car racing as a successor to F2, and the chassis F-3 that is a stepping stone to upper categories.
  • Team LeMans wins V2 title in Fuji Grand Championship Series soon after its upgrading to a national series.1991 Becomes a general agency in Japan for Pi Research Ltd. (UK).
1992 Begins marketing of Pi engine and chassis data systems.s
  • Formula Nippon Championship is launched as the top category of national formula car series.
  • Team LeMans enters the Formula Nippon Championship series with drivers Ralf Schumacher and Naoki Hattori, topping both team and driver point standings.
  • Ralf Schumacher moves up to F1 the following year, joining his brother Michael Schumacher.
  • Gotenba Workshop is relocated to Hotozawa, Gotenba (Shizuoka).
  • Becomes a general agency in Japan for Dallara Automobili S.R.L. (Italy) to supply chassis and parts to all the F3 teams in Japan.
  • Team LeMans tops both team and driver point standings in the Formula Nippon Championships.
1999 Starts a project to develop rear diffusers for Nissan Skyline GTR-Vspec and begins delivery.
2000 Team LeMans Co., Ltd. is incorporated.
2002 Starts selling motorsport couplers as an authorized distributor for a French Coupling manufacturer Stäubli.
  • Designs, engineers, and manufactures the CL-1 as a design study model. This is a compilation of technologies accumulated by Le Mans Co and its partners.
  • Undertakes import of Lola “B0351” adopted as the first one-make car in Japan by Japanese Championship Formula Nippon, and its successor “FN06”, with provision of the customer support.
2006 Undertakes import of the one-make car “FC106” for the Formula Challenge Japan (FCJ) series launched as a young driver development project with the cooperation from Toyota, Honda, and Nissan, with provision of the customer support until the series ending in 2013.
2008 Starts handling a variety of thermal heat insulation and soundproof materials as a distributor for an American heat insulator manufacturer Design Engineering, Inc.
2009 Undertakes import of the new Swift Engineering “FN09” chassis newly introduced to the Japanese Championship Formula Nippon, with provision of the customer support. Becomes a distributor for an Italian manufacturer Brembo, and starts selling automobile racing parts such as calipers and brake pads.
2012 Our founder, Tomoo Hanawa passes away. Shiro Matsunaga assumes the post of managing director.
2014 Undertakes import of Italian manufacturer Dallara’s chassis “SF14” newly introduced to the Super Formula known as Formula Nippon until 2012, with provision of the customer support.
2015 Strengthens ties with Cosworth for which Le Mans Co., Ltd. has acted as a distributor for many years. Unveils the Cosworth Performance Kit for Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ at Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 as a first step of products for aftermarket officially entered by Cosworth, and launches the Performance Kit.
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