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Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI) is an American manufacturer of thermal heat insulation, soundproof, and vibration-proofing materials. Racers, street performance enthusiasts, and even hobbyists can enjoy the benefits of the products.

The exhaust manifold and pipes contribute to the quick engine response to behavior of the throttle pedals and the power up, by keeping the high exhaust temperature. Titanium Exhaust Wrap to be wrapped around the exhaust manifold or pipes uses a new material made from lava rock. This is an environment-conscious product with improved performance. Due to the softness of the material, you can install this without feeling inconvenience, unlike glass fiber.

Also, Reflect-A-Gold made from the reflective insulation material called “kapton” used in artificial satellites and space shuttles has ability to reflect 80 percent of the surrounding temperature by applying this to anything or area that needs protection from heat.

Also, the easily-attachable soundproof and vibration isolating materials for car audio systems are available.

Thermal Tuning Products

Boom Mat Acoustical Products

CO2・N2O Cooling System

Radiator Relief

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