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If you have watched motorsport like F1 you must have heard of Cosworth, the most successful independent engine manufacturer. The Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth is familiar to the Japanese motorsport fans as its hard-fought with R32 Skyline GT-R.

Cosworth also features a range of electronics products. Having affiliated Pi Research and Pectel Cosworth has integrated its engine performance technologies with data acquisition and engine controllers to meet the growing demands for electronic instrumentation in motorsport, pushing Cosworth to a unique and outstanding position in the market.

In today’s motorsport where race management has been important drivers are required to instantly analyse various information on a display of his steering wheel and switch different buttons on the display to give feedback to his car. Cosworth is the one who established this driving style. Now Cosworth products are indispensable for both engines and electronics in to motorsport.

Based on its brilliant success in the motorsport including F1, Touring Car, IndyCar and WRC and backed by its accumulated engineering technologies and expertise Cosworth is continuously expanding its field to not only development of racing engines but also development of engines for high-performance production cars including Aston Martin and tuning parts for the aftermarket.

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Racing Electronics|エレクトロニクス部門

  • Data loggers
    Data loggers
    (Omega L2, D4, ICD / Sigma Elite, LLB)
  • Engine control system
    Engine control system
    (SQ6M / MQ12 / MQ12Di / IDU1) and power management system (Hyllus / IPS32)
  • Power control units
    Power control units
    Hyllus / IPS32
  • Data analysis software
    Data analysis software
    (Club Expert Windows / Pi Toolbox) and video indexed data system (VIDS2)
  • Sensor
    (for lap time, linear and rotary strokes, ride height, acceleration, angular rate, speed, temperature, strain gauge etc.)
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