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You may have seen the scene of quick change of tires during a pit stop in races. In F1, tires are changed in 2 or 3 seconds when the car makes a pit stop. Why does it take such a short time? The answer is Dino Paoli impact wrenches.

Dino Paoli manufactures the “Pit Stop” series for motorsport impact wrenches with the idea of ultra high-speed rotation and weight balance. Founded in 1968, Dino Paoli has been a supplier for all F1 teams since 1975, and for all IndyCar series teams since 1990. All Super Formula teams also use the Dino Poli products. As such, Dino Paoli gains overwhelming support from the world-famous racing classes. The RPM of the highest performance type used in F1 is much more than 10000. Dino Paoli continues to promote technological developments.

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